Recent Changes in Pitivi User Documentation

I feel like the basic (re)writing of Pitivi user docs is done so I thought I should take a while to describe the current state of the docs and point to further tasks that need to be done. When I started, nekohayo gave me his to-do list that he kept specifically for docs, which helped me to get going. For the first commit, the choice was clear: add Pitivi’s license to the manual’s license page. As close to a one-liner as you can get. Soon, I got into the flow and as a result, the user manual now looks a little more complete. Of course there are some remaining issues I haven’t had time to cover yet. These are mostly tracked in bugzilla.

Also, screenshots should be updated in the manual, but I was postponing this intentionally for two reasons. First, there might be some slight UI changes on the way to 1.0 and second, it is not a big deal since the gnome docs team recommends (because of the difficulties this poses for docs translation) to use only one screenshot — that of the main window overview. So the screenshot is just waiting for the right time to be switched.

More interestingly, I have an experimental branch containing a troubleshooting page. I know that the Pitivi developers work hard to clear all issues that would possibly need troubleshooting, but in the meantime, I thought this page could provide some guidance. You can look at the branch in my Github repository. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated!


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